We have successful development experience in the following languages and tools.

Microsoft VS.NET & ASP.NET
Crystal Reports
Visual Basic
      for Applications
Microsoft SQL

Microsoft Office
      Development Tools

HTML, JavaScript, Flash,
      PHP, and MySQL

If you are in need of a custom application contact us to assist you in determining your requirements, defining your business objectives for the project, and to provide a budget and timeline.

Custom program development is not simply writing programs. If done properly, it involves ensuring that the maximum impact can be achieved through well thought out design, inclusion of all cost justified functions, and thorough planning before writing one line of code. This ensures the final result will exceed the objectives of the project and that costly rewrites of the software will be unnecessary.

Contact us if you are considering writing a custom application for your needs or if you need assistance in rewriting an existing program.  Our staff is happy to assist you with specific development problems if you already have programmers on staff. We can provide insights and objective evaluation of existing programs and design.

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