Below is a list of some of the systems and software we support.

Windows 3.1 thru XP
Windows Servers including
      NT, 2000, and 2003 Server
Microsoft Office
DBA Software
QuickBooks & Quicken


We can provide support for personal computers, mid-range and host/mainframe systems.  We offer onsite, internet, and phone support. By contacting our main office, you will be connected to our support staff. Each support person can be contacted by cell phone, if needed, to resolve your computer problems. We strive to return all calls within 1 hour and provide resolution of your problem the same day.

Our clients will tell you that we are client driven and work very hard to maintain a high client satisfaction.

Also, we offer internet-based client portals which provide our clients with the ability to monitor the status and resolution of their problems in a secure manner. This also provides a concise history of problems with details on problem resolution which may assist your staff in resolving future problems.

If you are not satisfied with your current support, give us a call at 814-835-3333 or click here to email us to setup an appointment.



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